About Manukau

Manukau City (1989-2010) was a territorial authority district in AucklandNew Zealand, governed by the Manukau City Council. The area is sometimes referred to as “South Auckland“, although this term did not possess official recognition and did not encompass areas like East Auckland, which was within the city boundary.

It was a relatively young city, both in terms of legal status and large-scale settlement – though with 375,600 residents in June 2010, it was the third largest in New Zealand and the fastest growing.[2] In 2010 the entire Auckland Region was amalgamated under a single city authority, Auckland Council.

The name Manukau, from the Manukau Harbour west of the city, is of M?ori origin, and means ‘wading birds’,[citation needed] although it has been suggested that the name of the harbour was also sometimes rendered as M?nuka, meaning a marker post with which an early chief is said to have claimed the area